Jerica X. Bornstein
Jerica X. Bornstein
Foodie. Fitness. Health Psych.

Just another fitness website?

Fret not. This blog intends to be much more than that. I hope to share my thoughts, advice, opinions and research to help bridge the gap between the health and psychology worlds, as well as share recipes, food finds and my personal fitness journey.

Hi! I’m Jerica, and I am currently in the process of obtaining my PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS, aka psychology) at The University of Texas. I study interpersonal relationships and how they affect our mental and physical well-being. Specifically, I am researching the transition to parenthood (a major turning point in one’s adult life) and how this change affects our health behaviors, self-control, goal pursuits and body image.

I know, I know. Transition to parenthood? But what does this have to do with me?! WELL… We all go through some major transitions in life. One being college, another getting married and another having your first child.

My transition to college was not the easiest. I went to school out of state (Orlando, Florida to The University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia) far away from my close friends and family. Not only was I far away from a support system, but I was trying to fit in, make new friends and balance a social life (and sorority life) with school, sleep and my health.

Freshman year of college, I gained about 12 pounds, had a poor body image and a low self-esteem. Going through this process was a difficult one. Sure, I was knowledgeable about what “healthy” foods I should be eating and how active I should be... But the scale didn’t budge, and finding the balance between my love of food, fitness, school and friends was easier said than done.

I hope to share my fitness story and journey from an insecure clean eating cardio bunny to a strong and confident woman who follows flexible dieting (if it fits your macros) and likes to pick up heavy things (aka powerlifting).

Having these experiences made me realize that it is very important to study the transitions in life and, even more so, to study how young adults, dating couples, and married dyads balance their every day life and goal pursuits.